Taking Bagpipes into a Whole New Experience


Taking Bagpipes into a Whole New Experience

As if by pure chance, fate or luck, would you believe that we have managed to find a slot machine that is based on the theme of bagpipes, wow, what are the chances right? Purely a rhetorical question, no need to comment below in the precise mathematics of this.

So, what is this fortuitous slot called? Bagpipe Bonus™ and it’s made by the development company called Bally.

This slot machine game is the one and the only one that’s found to be associated with the bagpipe instrument. I know, right? We say there should be more bagpipe games because bagpipes are the best, huzza!

(overly zealous cheer).

I’ve personally not played the slot, but it looks fantastic, lots of colourful lights and dazzling bagpipe and tartan themes. Boy-o boy, I love bagpipes.

The Detail of Bagpipe Bonus™

The slot was produced in 2001, so with respects, it looks a little dated, but if the inspiration is anything to do with Scotland, this is almost unavoidable. The game is played on 5 reels and on them contain the symbol of bagpipes and other related images and icons of bagpiping and Scotland.

The game is very simple to play, as it is with many online casino games. You wager the amount you’re happy to lose should you not win. After, press the spin button and watch the reels rotate… rotate and rotate some more. When they finally stop, you’re hoping the same symbols line up to win a cash prize that relates to the value of the symbols within the game.

Slots are that simple to play it would seem.

Other gaming details mention the fantastic feature within the game that can help you win more money from the casino.

These features are called bonus rounds, and this is probably where the game got its name from, what came first the bagpipe or the bonus, who knows! Anyway, the bonus features of the Bagpipe Bonus™ game are as follows.

Free Spins: The free spin bonus is triggered when you land three matching scatter symbols that must fall on reels 1, 3 and 5. The number of free spins claimed in this round can be between 1 and 100! During the round of free spins, more additional spins could be added, so, in fact, the free spins given within the free spins bonus round could end up being infinity free spins which is the highest number ever!

Bagpipe Bonanza: This is the main bonus and this is a game which is called a Pick Me game. You have a choice of three bagpipes to pick from. When you make your choice, the bagpipe will begin to play and out flows the money you’ve won. The game ends when the sack is empty, and you return to the main game with a bigger balance to play with or you can end the game there and cash out.

Look out for this game as it is available in all good casinos found online.

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